Peterborough City & County Fees

Age of Child:Full DayPart DayExtended Day

Max 6 Hrs Max 9 Hrs Max 12 Hrs
(6 weeks to 18 months) Infant $53.00$56.00$61.00
(18 months to 30 months) Toddler$44.00$47.00$52.00
(30 months to 6 years) Preschooler$37.00$40.00$45.00
(6 to 12 years) School Age$34.50$37.50$42.50
Kindergarten Extended Day Program B & A School   $24.75  
Kindergarten Extended Day Program B or A School   $14.00  
School Age Before & After   $22.50  
School Age Before or After   $13.25  
Nursery School   $23.50  
(School Age) Millbrook Before School   $8.75  
(School Age) Millbrook After School   $17.50  
(School Age) Millbrook B & A School   $23.75
(School Age) St. Joseph B&A$26.75
(School Age) St. Joseph B or A$15
North Cavan JK/SK B&A School$25.00
North Cavan JK/SK B or A School$13.75
North Cavan School Age B&A School$22.50
North Cavan School Age B or A School$13.25
(School Age) Warsaw B&A School$26.75
(School Age) Warsaw B or A$15.00