Student & Apprenticeship Opportunities

Are you a student?

Here at Compass ELC we provide opportunities for high school and post secondary students.

Our opportunities include…

  • Canada Summer Jobs
  • Focus on Youth KPR & PVNCCDSB
  • Highschool co-op placements
  • Volunteer positions
  • Post-secondary placement opportunities

If you want more information on any of the opportunities we provide please contact us at

Compass ELC encourages lifelong learning and we work in collaboration with the Ontario College of Trades. Have a look at the Child Development Practitioner brochure for information on the apprenticeship program.

As an apprentice, you learn a skilled trade on the job. You work with and learn from experienced workers, and get paid while you do it.

You also learn in a classroom from instructors who know the trade. This may take place on a college campus or in a union training centre.

For most trades, you work for a year and then switch to studying in class for eight to 12 weeks, either full or part -time. It takes between two to five years to complete an apprenticeship.

For more information and to find out more about enrolling in an apprentice program, start by visiting for information.

What will it give you?

-Financial Incentives
-You can do it on your own time
-You get to work in the field at the same time
-Classes can be taken online or at night
-Wage increase after completing the apprenticeship
-Professional Designation in the College of RECE’S
-Support form current staff

How do we support?

-We pay for you to get your professional designation
-Receive money back after graduation
-A spot at one of our childcare locations well you work to complete your apprenticeship

Contact us

For more information regarding the apprenticeship program you can email us at with the subject line stating “Apprenticeship Opportunities”.