Pedagogical Coaching, Consulting & Professional Learning Series

All of our Pedagogical Coaching & Consulting services can be done one-on-one, or with several educators or administrators in your location.

As a provincially recognized, high quality early learning and care organization, we are often requested to provide professional learning outside of Compass ELC, consulting services, study tours and centre visits/tours.

All of our work is grounded in strong values and the high image we hold of children, educators and families.

Teachers around a table

Coaching and Consulting

All consulting is offered in a responsive, collaborative model that supports and parallels our work with educators, children and families.  This work can support the development of systems, structures and strategies that enable you to achieve your reflective practice goals. In addition, communities or programs may find it useful to have consultation around professional learning opportunities they are developing. This service can be offered face to face, or from a distance by phone or Skype.

Side by Side Program Mentorship

This is a full day hands on experience that takes place in the classroom. Engaging loose parts and materials geared to the specific age group of children are gathered to provide an invitation for learning. Alongside the educators we discuss the possibilities, play with the materials ourselves, and make a plan to offer the experience to the children. Together with educators, we engage with the children, modelling the role of the educator in extending the children’s play and determining how we can use our role in support of building a repertoire of skills with children. Those participating in the day can act as observer or player. At the end of the experience, we meet with the whole group to “unpack” the learning, both from the educators’ perspective as well as the children’s. These sessions provide a powerful experience of engagement with educators, directors and mentors. In some communities this opportunity has been offered in several classrooms over the course of a few days and then a session in the evening offered to the community to bring visibility to the stories from the classroom.

Professional Learning Series

One of the greatest ways to grow capacity in a community or organization is the development of professional learning communities. These multi-part series are uniquely designed and developed following a reflective model for learning.

The Pedagogical Leadership series is composed of a minimum of six 3-hour sessions or three full day sessions, focusing on the following topics:

  • Working from a Place of Vision and Values
  • Developing Meaningful Relationships
  • Considering the Role of Learning in our Everyday Practice
  • Nurturing Dispositions for Learning
  • Creating a Culture of Observation and Research

The Reflective Teaching Series is composed of a minimum of six 3- hour sessions or three full day sessions focusing on the following topics:

  • Working from a Place of Value – Considering our Image of Children
  • Meeting Up with Children’s Lively Minds
  • Authentic Language (Enterprise Talk)
  • The Art of Observation
  • Documentation and Interpretation
  • Designing Engaging Learning Environments – Understanding our Roles in Supporting Complex Play