Program Statement

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Pedagogical Principles

Parents as Partners

Families know their children best and we believe their contributions are essential to their child’s learning and development.


We offer joyful days of learning and laughter and time to discover and experience the world. Our nutritious meals are an important part of creating a healthy lifestyle.


We create a safe environment where the voices of children, educators and families are valued. We welcome all perspectives as an important part of building relationships and creating quality early learning.


Our playrooms are designed to engage children’s natural desire to explore and discover the world around them. We hold a deep respect for our environment, offering children many opportunities to connect with nature.


We promote and value a sense of personal integrity, social responsibility and respect for ourselves and others. We practice the principles of democracy and social justice in our organization and communities.


As dedicated leaders, we are committed to advocating for the highest quality of care in our community and across the province.

Life-Long Learners

Growing and learning together is a lifelong journey that happens every moment of every day. We provide time and resources so that each child can benefit from the latest research and best practice in early learning.