Guiding Values

Guiding Values

The work of our organization, as a whole, is guided by values and beliefs that shape the way we approach, and carry out, our work with each other, with children, families and in our communities.

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Children are the Heart

Children are at the centre of everything we do. We hold a strong view of children as capable, competent, and curious about the world around them and this guides the way in which we design our environments, experiences and interactions.

Trusting Relationships

We believe that trust and relationships are the foundation of all we do, and we seek to build respectful, authentic relationships with our colleagues, children, families, and communities. We take responsibility to bring our best selves to our relationships and our work, and trust that those around us do as well.

Safe, Caring, Joyful Places

We recognize that we are all deeply interconnected. We strive to create joyful and safe environments, for children, parents, communities, and ourselves, where we can honour all parts of us: the cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual, and where each of us can be authentic.

Equal Worth

We believe that we are all of fundamental equal worth and encourage each member of our community to contribute in their distinctive way, appreciating the differences in roles, backgrounds, interests, skills, and points of view.  We are committed to creating an environment where people feel free to fully express themselves, tapping into their passion and creativity.

Collective Intelligence

We believe in the power of collaboration, knowing that we will expand our thinking, deepen our understandings, and come to the best decisions by working together.  We value transparency and believe that each of us has a right, and a responsibility, to access information that contributes to the power of our collective intelligence.

Responsibility and Accountability

We value a sense of personal responsibility and believe that we share accountability for our organization, our individual practice, and for the work we do with children, families and communities.  We believe that freedom and accountability are two sides of the same coin.

Lifelong Learning

We value learning as an opportunity to engage both emotionally and intellectually, deepen our own practice, and enrich the quality of experiences for children, families, communities, and ourselves.  We believe that every interaction is an invitation to learn and grow together.