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2023 Rates:

Eligible children for whom fees may be reduced under the Canada Wide Early Learning and Childcare Plan are: 

a) any child under 6 years old and 

b) any child who in that calendar year turns six between Jan 1 and June 30 in that calendar year ; and are enrolled in a licensed infant, toddler, preschool, or kindergarten group, a licensed family age group or a home child care. 

CKL HCC *Part DayFull DayExtended Day
JK/SK Before or After SchoolXXX12XXX
JK/SK Before and After SchoolXXX12XXX
School Age Before or After SchoolXXX13.25XXX
School Age Before and After SchoolXXX24XXX
JK/SK Full Day16.8918.3120.67
School Age Full Day36.7539.7544.75

*Northern Ontario resident will have their fees reduced by an additional $5.00/day.

2022 Rates:

Part DayFull DayExtended Day
Infant 0-18 mths46.2549.2554.25
Toddler 18 mth to 30 mths42.5045.5050.50
Preschool 30 mths to 6 yrs36.2539.2544.25
School Age 6-1235.7538.7543.75
Before and After Schoolxxx23.50xxx
Before or After Schoolxxx13.00xxx


  • Care provided on statutory holidays is double the regular rate.
  • Regular rate applies to hours between 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday. A premium of $10 per day will be added to care provided before 7 a.m. or after 6 p.m.
  • A premium of $15 per day will be added to care provided on weekends
  • Shifts over 12 hours and overnight shifts must be negotiated ahead of time with HCC Advisors and/or Child Care Subsidy.
You may qualify for a child care subsidy. Please find out more under ‘Affordability’ in our FAQ section.

CKL Subsidy number: 705-324-9870 ex. 3255

2021 Rates:

Home Child CarePart DayFull DayExtended Day
Infant 0-18 mths45.5048.5053.50
Toddler 18 mth to 30 mths41.7544.7549.75
Preschool 30 mths to 6 yrs35.5038.5043.50
School Age 6-1235.0038.0043.00
Before and After Schoolxxx23.00xxx
Before or After Schoolxxx12.75xxx