Home Child Care – Northumberland County

2022 Fees:

Part DayFull DayExtended Day
JK/SK Before & After Schoolxxx28.00xxx
JK/SK Before Schoolxxx16.00xxx
JK/SK After Schoolxxx16.00xxx
School Age Before & After Schoolxxx27.75xxx
School Age Before Schoolxxx15.50xxx
School Age After Schoolxxx15.50xxx
School Age Full Day39.5042.5047.50


You may qualify for a child care subsidy. Please find out more under ‘Affordability’ in our FAQ section or visit:https://www.northumberland.ca/en/living-here/child-care.aspx

Northumberland subsidy number: 905-372-6846 or 1-800-354-7050 ext. 2468.

2021 Fees

Full Day (Max 10 hours)Extended Day (10-12 hours)
Infant (6 weeks to 18 months)48.2553.25
Toddler (18 months to 30 months)44.0049.00
Preschool (30 months to 6 years)42.2547.25
JK/SK B&A27.5032.50
JK/SK Before School15.7520.75
JK/SK After School15.7520.75
School Age B&A27.2532.25
School Age Before School15.2520.25
School Age After School15.2520.25
School Age Full Day41.5046.50