Support Compass

Support Compass

We are continually looking at ways to develop our programs, to stay current in research and best practice and to further our high standards of early learning and care. Find out how you can support our not-for-profit, charitable organization through a tax-receiptable donation or through participating in one of our fundraising initiatives.


We know that parent fees alone cannot provide all of the funding needed in order to achieve all we dream of, and all that children deserve. Our charitable, not-for-profit organization aims to grow organizational and community capacity, create meaningful learning environments and experiences, and share our journey of learning.

We invite you to join us through to learn more about how you can support our charitable projects.

We provide beautiful learning spaces, engaging experiences, opportunities for expression, and a focus on well being for all stakeholders. We have several initiatives that require additional funding beyond government supports and parent fees. Those initiatives are:

  • Our Nature Network with a commitment to connecting children to nature.
  • Re-use, Re-purpose Creative Materials Initiative
  • Wellness and Relationship Projects

Fundraising Initiatives

Lili & Maddi

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Turmeric Tea

Turmeric is a powerful spice which has recently gained popularity in the Western world given its abundant health benefits. However, turmeric is not a familiar ingredient in the Western world and many of us struggle to incorporate turmeric into our diets and therefore have not been able to benefit from the many preventative and healing properties of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric. Turmeric Teas is hoping to change that by making it easy for everyone to enjoy the healing benefits of turmeric through our delicious teas.

Orders will be placed Nov. 14, 2019 so they arrive by mid-December.
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Mabel’s Labels

If you need labels for your child’s things, order through Mabel’s Labels and Compass ELC gets 20% of each order.

Click here and be sure to select ‘Compass Early Learning & Care’ before placing your order to ensure your order is linked to us!

Make it Sow

We are all trying to foster a culture of conservation by implementing green technology and encouraging eco-friendly practices. I am pleased to announce that we have selected a new fundraiser program from Make ItSow. They supply high quality garden and flower seeds, unique renewable coco starter soils and self-watering greenhouse kits. They do not use any GMO seeds and only use proven species that are grown for Canadian climates. They back up all their products with a 100% quality guarantee. 

Place your order here (Order will be placed in the winter in time for spring 2020)