How Does Learning Happen?

April 24, 2015

How Does Learning Happen?

In the spring of 2014, the Ministry of Education released How Does Learning Happen?, Ontario’s pedagogy for early years. It was with much anticipation that we awaited this document and it was certainly worth the wait. In our practice we understand that it is questions that drive us, that invite conversations and perspectives, that shift and transform our practice. What an incredible feeling it was to see that our Ministry also understood the importance of questioning and reflecting in our work. We believe that reflective practice is the only way to grow a culture of intentional teaching and in turn influence quality in our organization.

belonging_engagementThe document invites us to consider four foundations for learning… Belonging…Wellbeing…Expression… and Engagement. These foundations so closely connect with our guiding values at KCCS. The idea of considering this pedagogy for us really reaffirmed our direction and our own desires for children, families and educators.

Also released to support the pedagogy was the “Think, Feel, Act”, Lessons from research about young children. Lorrie Baird our Associate Executive Director was a contributing author for this document. The ideas of Pedagogical Leadership, Environments, Pedagogical Documentation, Inclusive Education, Brain Development and Self Regulation are all ideas we have been researching and exploring in our practice for many years. The publication and accompanying videos have been a wonderful resource that we continue to explore.


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