An Expression of Gratitude – A Parent’s Gift

“What better way to say thank you to an organization that was such a big part of raising our family?”

~ Doug Lytle, Compass ELC Director

When posed with the question of why he has volunteered as a Board Member for over ten years with Compass Early Learning and Care, Doug Lytle provided the following thoughtful response.

Doug LytleRewarding – Seeing the vision of the organization take shape over the years and being a small part of that is really rewarding. To see a group of volunteers come together and give of themselves, asking nothing in return, restores my belief in people every time we meet.

Connections – The people we work with, the management and staff, those on the board now and those who have come and gone, are some of the most concerned and giving people you’ll ever meet. We’re in this for the kids – what better group of people could you want to get to know and work with? Some of my best friends have been made through association with Compass ELC.

Personal Growth – Let’s be honest, there is something in it for those of us who volunteer. We don’t get paid, but we do receive a great opportunity to grow as people and to contribute to something larger than ourselves. Being involved has given a boost to my confidence professionally as well. Working with a rapidly growing company – and it is a company, just not a profit seeking one, has given me the inside track on what it takes to be successful.

Satisfying – Working with a great organization like Compass ELC, where we provide a sense of community for so many families gives me a great sense of satisfaction. To know that we impact so many people in a positive way is something that I look forward to at every meeting.

Doug Lytle family photoMy own children went ‘through the system’ with Compass Early Learning and Care (formerly Kawartha Child Care Services): a rural centre, an urban centre, and home based care. At every point in our involvement with the people at Compass ELC we felt secure in the fact that great people were a part of raising our family. What better way to say thank you than to be involved from the other side of the table?

Doug Lytle, Compass ELC Director


If you are passionate about early learning and willing to share your expertise so that, together, we can achieve the highest quality of care, we want to hear from you!  For more information about becoming a board member with Compass ELC, please contact Kathy Warner, Board Vice President, at