FAQ: Becoming a Board Member with Compass ELC

Interested in learning more about becoming a board member with Compass Early Learning and Care? Read our FAQ below.

What does the election process look like? 

Board members are elected annually at the AGM in the month of May, unless otherwise required. Current members will confirm their interest in continuing on the board for the following year by January of their current term. Depending on positions available, an initiation to apply will be sent out. Those who are interested in becoming a board member will be contacted to complete an application package.

What is the purpose of the board? 

A Policy Board
This is the traditional model that is familiar to many organizations. A partnership is developed between the board President and the Executive Director in order to lead the organization. A series of committees do the work of the board and these are often supported by administrative staff. A policy board is not involved with day-to-day client contact, staff supervision, facility management or handling of cash. 

Board Responsibilities: 
The board is responsible in five key areas to: 
                       1. Establish and implement the organization’s mission, vision and direction 
                       2. Ensure the financial health of the organization 
                       3. Ensure the organization has sufficient and appropriate human resources 
                       4. Direct organizational operations clarify.. 
                       5. Ensure effective community relations 

How long is the term position for a board member? 

The term position is 2 years. 

How many board meetings in a year?  

There are typically ten meetings per year: nine board meetings from September through April, and the AGM in May. Meetings break throughout the summer for the months of July and August. Additional meetings may be called throughout the year. 

Are meetings in person or virtual? 

Since 2020, Board meetings are typically held virtually via Zoom, but since 2023 hybrid meetings allow board members to join virtually or in-person in Peterborough.

Will there be additional committees, other than board meetings? 

Ongoing committees:
                       1. Executive committee
As needed committees:
                       1. Strategic Planning Committee 
                       2. AGM Committee  
                       3. Finance Committee 
                       4. Policy Review Committee  

Are board members known to Compass staff? 

Board member information is made publicly available through the Compass Website. This information includes board members’ names and position titles. 

What is the current make-up of the board? 

Board members include family members (i.e., guardians) and community members within the five regions we serve. These regions include the City of Peterborough, the City of Kawartha Lakes, the County of Haliburton, Northumberland County, and Durham Region. There are 9 seats on the board of directors. 

Learn about our current board members here

To learn more about strategic priorities at Compass, you may: 
                       a. Visit our strategic plan here.
                       b. View our annual AGM reports here, which are in video format.

Interested in joining our Board of Directors?