Annual General Meeting

“Adversity introduces us to ourselves.” 

Albert Einstein 

In 2020, we lived this quote from Albert Einstein.  Never before had we had the opportunity to demonstrate our values again and again and again.  From the moment we heard the news that we were about to shut down, we were faced with difficult decisions. Join us for our AGM to hear the story of how our organization navigated through a global pandemic and yet managed to uphold our organizational values of: Children are the heart, trusting relationships, safe, caring, joyful places, equal worth, collective intelligence, responsibility & accountability, life-long learning. You will have a chance to hear these ideas through the voices of many members our team, reflecting on what stood out to them from 2020-2021. You will also meet our Board of Directors as well as get to learn more about our Loose Parts/Materials Initiative, which takes typically discarded materials and uses them as a rich resource for exploration, creativity and educational endeavours.

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Monday, June 14, 7 – 8 p.m. Click here to register.

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child wearing mask and holding a leaf with a worm on it

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Here are the words our teams used to capture the past year:

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