Providing Families with More Options for Quality Licensed Home Child Care

The government has announced that all sections of the Child Care Modernization Act, 2014, except the amendments to the Education Act, will be proclaimed on August 31, 2015.  New regulations will take effect on that date (Read the Government of Ontario Media Backgrounder).

Among these new regulations you will find many changes for home child care providers. As we prepare for the roll out of this new legislation we thought about how we could work together with the community and independent providers. We made the decision to hire a recruiter to assist our existing home child care team by taking the lead to connect with independent providers and ask them how we could work together and collaborate to provide the best home child care for children in our communities under the new legislation.

What we do know is that there are many independent home child care providers out there that are so very passionate about what they do and how they do it. They are professionals. We want to work together for the same outcome, quality child care. Families and children deserve this.

We decided to ask the experts and ask what a partnership with a licensed agency would look like. The feedback has been phenomenal. From this feedback we were able to draft up a 3 module system to potentially offer providers. Keep in mind these ideas are still in draft form. We are much closer and with more conversations and research will come more ideas.

Currently the 3 options will consider:

  • Qualifications
  • Number of Child Care Spots
  • Fee Base
  • Visits
  • Wage Enhancement Grant
  • Annual Bonus
  • Referral Incentive
  • Subsidy Available
  • Benefits
  • Equipment Library
  • Professional Development
  • Playgroup

Taking into consideration the list above we will work collaboratively to determine a fee base for an Option A (full package), an Option B (partial package) and an Option C (minimal package).

If you would like any information on becoming a licensed home child care provider or have any input on what a partnership with a licensed agency may look like, our home child care team here at Compass ELC would love to connect with you. Please call 705-749-3488.

Submitted by: Jenny Cullen, Director of Human Resources

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