Our “Nona” Candi

May 16, 2019

Our “Nona” Candi

At Compass ELC-Courtice, we consider ourselves extremely blessed. Candi is not just our cook and nutritionist but our resident “Nona,” and truly a big piece of the heart and soul of our program. From the moment you walk through the front doors you are reminded of home with the smells of delicious food cooking.

The children light up as they see Candi, running for their morning hugs and wondering “What’s for lunch?” Parents and families are excited for their daily chats, eagerly asking for advice on eating, nutrition and of course needing copies of her famous recipes. We are fortunate that Candi dedicates time to share her extensive knowledge about cooking with the children when she comes into the classrooms each month. She takes these opportunities to explore different fruits with the children, practicing fine-motor, cutting skills and teaching them how to prepare nutritious treats. They are learning about the different food groups and are gaining valuable skills; involving the measurement of ingredients, stirring mixtures and sharing their thoughts with others in a group setting.

Candi has opened her home to us on many occasions making us feel like a part of her family. Her thoughtful gestures, generous gifts and her beautiful homemade knit hats, blankets etc. have been treasured by many over the years. She is not only a special person to all of us at Compass, but to many, many others as well. She has built relationships with the staff, children and families of St. Mother Theresa school, giving her time and sharing her stories and expertise. She gives back to the entire community and has made life long connections.

Candi’s warmth, dedication, and passion for all that she does, and all that she gives, is deeply felt by everyone after nearly 28 years at Compass ELC-Courtice. We are extremely grateful to her for all she has given, and our hearts forever touched by our “Nona.”

~ Rheannon Macdonald & Michelle Weir