Investigating New Payment Options

Compass Early Learning & Care (Compass ELC) is in the process of investigating new payment methods for our families!  We introduced e-transfers last year in response to the high demand for online payment options.  However, these transfers typically cost around $1.50 each.  It was not our intent to put any additional financial burden on our parents.  The complement of payment methods for a business is always a challenging decision. Some credit card companies charge upwards of 3% on the transaction total, not to mention the fees associated with having the credit/debit terminals available. 

We recognize the need for a more effective and efficient process internally, as well as the desire from parents for online payment options.  We’re working with Sandbox, our new invoicing software, to be able to provide a parent portal.  This is a very exciting prospect as it will allow parents access to real time information about their account and the option to pay bills directly through this website.  As we move forward we will also be analyzing such options as pre-authorized debits, where parents can sign up to have their bank account debited on a pre-determined date for the amount of their invoice (you’ll never have to worry about being behind on your account!), and the bill payment creditor service, where Compass ELC can be selected as a ‘payee’ through your financial institution’s online banking website.

We welcome your comments submissions to We also thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we look to revise our complement of payment options.

Submitted by: Ashley Daley, Director of Finance and Administration