Pedagogical Leadership

Growing a Culture of Reflective Practice – Enhancing Individual and Collective Leadership

As we move forward in our Province with the modernization of the early learning sector and the requirements of our provincial pedagogy, “How Does Learning Happen?” we have to begin to consider our approach to leadership.  As leaders we need to reconcile the responsibility between ever ending administrative responsibilities, ensuring program quality and supporting the growth of others.

This six-part series is designed of 3-hour sessions to engage leaders with principles and practices that align and parallel the work we want educators to offer children.  Leaders will develop the skills and mindsets that can enhance their performance and effect organizational change.

If we are to build a culture of reflective teaching that helps us sort through the complexities of our work we need to evolve our culture of professional learning and embrace a pedagogical approach to leadership.

For more information, please contact Lorrie Baird, Executive Director of Pedagogy.

Session One:

Working from A Place of Vision and Values

In this session participants will examine how our vision and values act as both a foundation and a guide for the decision we make as leaders.  With a focus on self awareness, individuals will define their values and how they connect with Ontario’s pedagogy.  We will explore how our values can guide us through the challenges and complexities of our work as pedagogical leaders.

Session Two and Three: 

Developing Meaningful Relationships

Session two will focus on leadership practices that support building trusting relationships.  We will explore levels of listening, strength based approaches, and ways of being that parallel our practice.  Through sharing stories and experiences, we will examine what motivates us and how as leaders we can influence and support the growth of others.

Session Four: 

Considering the Role of Learning in our Everyday Practice

The most powerful learning happens in everyday moments. As leaders our role is to support and nurture a culture of professional learning that invites reflection and dialogue.  We will explore a reflective model, and practice protocols that support deep reflection and grow an intentional practice for educators as for ourselves as leaders.

Session Five:

Nurturing Dispositions for Learning

The field of early learning is changing, beyond skills and knowledge our pedagogy requires us to support and nurture dispositions for reflection and learning.  In this session we will explore useful dispositions to our approach as both leaders but also how strategies and experiences that can grow disposition in educators.

Session Six:

Creating a Culture of Observation and Research

Ontario’s pedagogy requires our sectors leaders to grow and support educators to bring visibility to children’s learning through documentation and ongoing observations.  In this session we will explore protocols for developing classroom research, tools to use to uncover learning and ways to help educators move their practice.