Compass ELC’s Equity Statement

This is a declaration for each of us– parents, family, children, educators, providers, community partners as we consider how to move justice and equity forward. We approach this work with curiosity, as learners, bravely reconsidering existing ideas and getting comfortable being uncomfortable. We understand that inclusion is a process rather than an outcome.
We all have a professional obligation to advance equity, and see this as a right of all children. We are committed to understanding the historical context of our country in order to overcome systemic racism, discrimination and oppression, and to model an inclusive society built on respect for one another. We are actively identifying and removing barriers in childcare that disproportionately affect certain groups such as Black people, Indigenous people and People of Colour.
Along with deepening our understanding of intersectional identities, we are also committed to action that recognizes, respects and values differences based on ethnicity, gender identity, color, economic position, age, race, religion, disability, national origin and sexual orientation.
We are continually questioning our practice and inviting conversations as silence condones racism. We know that racism and discrimination can be subversive and hidden or reveal itself through actions, attitudes and communication. We are committed to embedding anti-racism into all of our work.

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