CELC Admin Contacts

Administration Office

Aaron Daley

Finance Lead CKL and Durham Region: budgeting, financial analysis and other general financial coaching/consultation

Email: aarondaley@compasselc.com

Extension: 220

Alexis Wickins

Peterborough School Age

Email: schoolage@compasselc.com

Extension: 231

Amanda Camacho

Home Child Care Consultant/Admin Lead


Extension: 216

Amanda Smith

Peterborough School Age: Helping support the 11 before and after school programs located in and surrounding Peterborough

Email: schoolage@compasselc.com

Extension: 231

Amy Starmans

Payroll/Benefits Coordinator: ADP Support, Benefits


Extension: 235

Angela Hoar

Materials Initiative Coordinator


Extension: 212

Ashley Collins

Co-CEO/Corporate Link:

Email: acollins@compasselc.com

Extension: 223

Bethany Carter

Pedagogical Lead, SA

Email: bcarter@compasselc.com

Extension: 233

Caleb McKinnon

Human Resources and Wellness Coordinator: Wellness Lead, Supply Staff/Registry support, Apprenticeships, Licensing support

Email: calebmckinnon@compasselc.com

Extension: 240

Hanah McFarlane

Communications Link: internal & external communications, promotional material, PD/events coordination, website updates, diversity, equity & inclusion, coaching conversations & facilitation

Email: hmcfarlane@compasselc.com

Extension: 218

Jason Adam

Corporate & Information Systems Coordinator: corporate policies, information technology

Email: jasonadam@compasselc.com

Extension: 214

Jenny Cullen

Human Resources Link: Support for culture leads,
coaching, mentoring, staff connection support,
WSIB/LTD Leaves, First Aid

Email: jcullen@compasselc.com

Extension: 215

Jenny Duley

Home Child Care Consultant

Email: jduley@compasselc.com

Extension: 226

Jill Wickins

Operations Link: support for admin leads, operations and licensing support, operational side of Sandbox support, scheduling support,
program development coaching conversations

Email: jwickins@compasselc.com

Extension: 228

Katy McGillen

Finance Lead – Peterborough, Northumberland: budgeting, financial analysis and other general financial coaching/consultation

Email: katymcgillen@compasselc.com

Extension: 237

Krysta Sage

Finance – AP – CKL, Haliburton, Durham: Sandbox, accounts receivable/payable and any other general inquiries
Vendor Receipts, Visa Statements,
Mileage and expense reimbursement forms,
purchasing support

Email: ksage@compasselc.com

Extension: 225

Val McGee

Janet Castle Admin Lead

Email: janetcastle@compasselc.com

Extension: 210

Kirsty Mason

Durham School Age Lead

Email: kmason@compasselc.com

Durham Office

Lisa Miles

Home Child Care Consultant

Email: lmiles@compasselc.com

Extension: 222

Loretta Shaughnessy – On Leave

Admin/Culture Lead, SA

Email: lshaughnessy@compasselc.com

Extension: 231

Lorrie McGee Baird

Pedagogical Link: support for pedagogical leads,
PD support, external PD opportunities, consulting,
coaching conversations

Email: lmcgeebaird@compasselc.com

Extension: 211


Technology support, Wi-Fi,
Device Issues and OneDrive assistance

Email: support@onswitchit.ca

Ruth Culley

Finance AP- Peterborough, Northumberland Region: Accounts Receivables and Payables, Sandbox, Subsidy, and all other general inquiries 

Email: rculley@compasselc.com

Extension: 232

Ryan Heath

Human Resources: Recruitment, Staff Requisitions,
Resumes/New Staff, Staff Files, password resets,
Health and Safety

Email: rheath@compasselc.com

Extension: 217

Shauna Mahon

TimberNook Coordinator & Peterborough School Age

Email: timbernook@compasselc.com

Extension: 213

Sarah McDowell

Administrative and Finance Coordinator: 

Email: sarahmcdowell@compasselc.com

Extension: 224

Sheila Olan-MacLean

Corporate Link: support for culture leads,
corporate, Board of Directors, media,
coaching conversations

Email: solan@compasselc.com

Extension: 214