CELC Admin Contacts

Administration Office

Aaron Daley

Finance Lead CKL and Durham Region: budgeting, financial analysis and other general financial coaching/consultation

Email: aarondaley@compasselc.com

Extension: 220

Alexis Wickins

Co-Outdoor Coordinator

Email: azeus@compasselc.com


Amanda Camacho (on leave)

Home Child Care Consultant/Admin Lead


Extension: 216

Amanda Davidson

Home Child Care Coordinator:



Amanda Smith

Peterborough School Age: Helping support the 11 before and after school programs located in and surrounding Peterborough

Email: schoolage@compasselc.com

Extension: 231

Amy Starmans

Payroll/Benefits Coordinator: ADP Support, Benefits


Extension: 235

Angela Hoar

Materials Initiative Coordinator


Extension: 212

Ashley Collins

Co-CEO/Corporate Link:

Email: acollins@compasselc.com

Extension: 223

April Williams

Durham Home Childcare Coordinator/Home Visitor:



Breanna Tully

Pedagogical & Culture School Age Lead

Email: btully@compasselc.com


Bethany Carter

Pedagogical Lead, SA

Email: bcarter@compasselc.com

Extension: 233

Caleb McKinnon

Human Resources and Wellness Coordinator: Wellness Lead, Supply Staff/Registry support, Apprenticeships, Licensing support

Email: calebmckinnon@compasselc.com

Extension: 240

Hanah McFarlane (on leave)

Communications Link: internal & external communications, promotional material, PD/events coordination, website updates, diversity, equity & inclusion, coaching conversations & facilitation

Email: hmcfarlane@compasselc.com

Extension: 218

Jason Adam

Corporate & Information Systems Coordinator: corporate policies, information technology

Email: jasonadam@compasselc.com

Extension: 214

Jenny Cullen

Human Resources Link: Support for culture leads,
coaching, mentoring, staff connection support,
WSIB/LTD Leaves, First Aid

Email: jcullen@compasselc.com

Extension: 215

Jenny Duley

Home Child Care Consultant

Email: jduley@compasselc.com

Extension: 226

Jill Wickins

Operations Link: support for admin leads, operations and licensing support, operational side of Sandbox support, scheduling support,
program development coaching conversations

Email: jwickins@compasselc.com

Extension: 228

Katy McGillen

Finance Lead – Peterborough, Northumberland: budgeting, financial analysis and other general financial coaching/consultation

Email: katymcgillen@compasselc.com

Extension: 237

Krysta Sage

Finance – AP – CKL, Haliburton, Durham: Sandbox, accounts receivable/payable and any other general inquiries
Vendor Receipts, Visa Statements,
Mileage and expense reimbursement forms,
purchasing support

Email: ksage@compasselc.com

Extension: 225

Val McGee

Janet Castle Admin Lead

Email: janetcastle@compasselc.com

Extension: 210

Kirsty Mason

Durham School Age Lead

Email: kmason@compasselc.com

Durham Office

Lisa Miles

Home Child Care Consultant

Email: lmiles@compasselc.com

Extension: 222

Lorrie McGee Baird

Pedagogical Link: support for pedagogical leads,
PD support, external PD opportunities, consulting,
coaching conversations

Email: lmcgeebaird@compasselc.com

Extension: 211

Madison Masciole

Admin & Culture School Age Lead:

Email: mmasciole@compasselc.com


Ruth Culley

Finance AP- Peterborough, Northumberland Region: Accounts Receivables and Payables, Sandbox, Subsidy, and all other general inquiries 

Email: rculley@compasselc.com

Extension: 232

Ryan Heath

Human Resources: Recruitment, Staff Requisitions,
Resumes/New Staff, Staff Files, password resets,
Health and Safety

Email: rheath@compasselc.com

Extension: 217

Shauna Mahon (On Leave)

TimberNook Coordinator & Peterborough School Age

Email: timbernook@compasselc.com

Extension: 213

Sandi Ashton

Home Child Care Admin Lead:

Email: sashton@compasselc.com


Sara Ashley

Project Coordinator: Sara works as a Project Coordinator across all regions with the Home Child Care team. The project, Home Child Care Expansion in Central Ontario, is funded by the Federal Ministry of Women and Gender Equality Canada and aims to create sustainable licensed Home Child Care programs.

Email: saraashley@compasselc.com


Sarah McDowell

Administrative and Finance Coordinator: 

Email: sarahmcdowell@compasselc.com

Extension: 224

Sheila Olan-MacLean

Corporate Link: support for culture leads,
corporate, Board of Directors, media,
coaching conversations

Email: solan@compasselc.com

Extension: 214

Simal Iftikhar

Communications Coordinator: supports with internal and external communications, marketing materials, events, advocacy, justice, equity, diversity & inclusion, and community connections

Email: simaliftikhar@compasselc.com

Extension: 218