Where we’ve been, where we’re going…

This year, KCCS embarked on a marketing strategy to assist in the development of our long term strategic plan.  Early in the discovery process of this project, issues with the name “Kawartha Child Care Services” emerged. Online stakeholder surveys, interviews and independent research were conducted and three core issues arose with respect to the name Kawartha Child Care Services.

First, and perhaps most practically, the name may lead people to believe that we are a social services agency (commonly known as “child services”). Additionally, the use of “Kawartha” does not describe the area that we serve, omitting Durham region. Finally, the name does not describe the unique and high-quality learning and care that our organization provides.   We believe that KCCS deserves an identity that honours the quality care and learning opportunities that we provide, and reflects our commitment to collaborative, continuous learning.

KCCS Compass History Visual

An extensive search for an appropriate name was conducted and we were presented with two options.  These options were then forwarded to each of our programs, our Facebook page,  the Professional Advisory Team, The Leadership Team and the Board of Directors.  Discussions were held on Facebook and in the halls and staff rooms of our early learning centres.  The conclusion was to approve the name change to Compass Early Learning and Care.


This name evokes themes of exploration, self-discovery and self-direction: themes that are at the forefront of our pedagogical approach. Using the metaphor of a compass gives us opportunities for all of us to create our own diverse interpretation and it aligns with the hope held by parents for children to “find their way in the world.”

For the near future, we will keep KCCS in the new logo to bridge the transition and honour our history.

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