Pedagogical Culture Lead

About the role

At Compass ELC you will work as a Pedagogical Culture Lead supporting and mentoring some of the most passionate, caring and dedicated educators in the industry. You will work collaboratively alongside the Admin Lead to foster and support a program with a deepening culture of reflective practice and growing pedagogy that is aligned with Compass ELC’s vision, values, pedagogical themes, cultural elements, strategic plan and How Does Learning Happen. You will model and grow an equity perspective and strive for a deeper understanding of cultural awareness. Hours will be based around program size and funding.

Some accountabilities associated with the role

  • Supporting family engagement and hold a high image of families, children, and community.
  • Encourage and foster the leadership of all staff in the team, using the CELC Coaching Culture document Nurture a culture of collaboration, research & reflective practice that grows our community of learners and deepens our practice of the organizational program statement and pedagogical principles.
  • Fostering a sense of community in programs, including working through tensions Schedule pedagogical time with educators (including individual and team meetings, and intentional side-by-sides)
  • Support the development & ongoing reflection of Professional Learning Goals.
  • Support educators to bring visibility to children’s learning and competencies using the Cycle of Inquiry and the Visual Representation Protocol.
  • Observe and document children’s learning, bringing visibility to children’s competencies, theories, ideas, and curiosities
  • Support the program in creating and maintaining aesthetically pleasing, rich learning environments, both indoors and outdoors in order to engage children’s’ curious minds and lively bodies

About You

You are passionate about learning and care, emergent curriculum and life-long learning. You are eager to contribute to an amazing organizational culture, to create partnerships with children, families, peers, schools and the community welcoming diverse perspectives. You will model and grow a perspective of equity and strive for a deeper understanding of cultural awareness. You have a natural disposition towards research and inquiry and a deep understanding of How Does Learning Happen, related legislation, Compass ELC policies and procedures, distributed leadership, Compass ELC’s Foundations Series, CCEYA (Child Care Early Years Act), Compass ELC’s Strategic Plan, and supporting a culture of a safe and joyful workplace.

You are registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators and possess the training and documents required by the Ministry of Education to work in a child care setting.

Educator rates per hour

  • *Hourly breakdowns for Admin/Pedagogy/Culture Leads are based on enrollment numbers and the budget.

How to Apply?

Please send your resume and cover letter to

In keeping with Compass Early Learning & Care’s commitment to providing service in a manner that is accessible to all, reasonable accommodations will be provided for applicants upon request. Please contact Human Resources: 705-749-3488