Materials Initiative Volunteers

We are recruiting volunteers to a project being delivered by Compass Early Learning & Care to support our Materials Initiative. Compass ELC has been exploring the use of diverted waste materials into ‘loose parts’ for children’s play. The Materials Initiative is rethinking the materials and resources that find their way to landfill as junk or to the recycle bin.

Over the past two years, the Materials Initiative has been collecting materials from individuals and businesses that would otherwise go to waste, and processing them in various ways. Volunteer activities range from simple snipping, collecting, counting, bagging. sorting, sanding, cleaning, to wood working and construction opportunities, depending on the abilities of the volunteer). Volunteers can connect with each other and will get an opportunity to see the results of their work after their items are gathered and delivered to our child care programs to be used in play.

You can read more about the initiative and see a few images in an article by Peterborough Currents. You can also view a list of items that are collected and processed into loose parts.

We are looking for volunteers who may be feeling the effects of isolation and lack of community connections due to Covid restrictions. This volunteer outreach, funded by the United Way, allows individuals to contribute from the safety of their own homes, offering as much or little time as they have available, with the goal of providing a sense of belonging and purpose through virtual collaboration while they process materials that support children’s learning.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to work alone or with others, engaging at the computer or away from screens, and will be provided with any necessary materials in order to participate. We have many roles available to process materials that will require varying degrees of complexity providing flexibility to accommodate a wide range of abilities and skill levels. 

Please share this message with friends, clients, and community organizations who may wish to participate in some way. For more information, please e-mail Angela or call her at 705-927-5241.