Initiatives Updates

March 2021 Initiatives Update 

The Materials Initiative, TimberNook and the Outdoor Initiative have been meeting regularly as a hybrid team. The shared values and merging of these three committees has brought us together to harness our collective intelligence as we work on some exciting projects. 

The Materials Initiative received an Emergency Support Fund grant through the United Way to provide opportunities to build community connections during COVID-19 and to support ongoing operations of the Atelier. Volunteers help grow our loose parts initiative in our programs and deepen  connections outside the walls of our classrooms. The volunteers are happily working on developing projects and equipment for our programs with the processed materials. In response to the staff survey, a database of materials is also being developed. Click here to see how volunteers are making a difference. 
TimberNook is exploring opportunities for expansion, with an eye to extending their programming to include Instructional Days, as well as school breaks. A secondary location is also a possibility for their growing summer programs. Presently they are preparing for their ‘spring break’ programming at Kawartha Land Trust’s Dance Nature Sanctuary, for the week of April 12-16, 2021. Summer Camp Registration is also now open. TimberNook is eager for the entire organization to know about the wonderful programming that happens tucked away in the woods. Follow TimbernookPeterborough on Facebook or watch for their Tips from the Forest series of posts on our own social media to learn about the magic! 
The Outdoor Initiative is committed to building organizational capacity, as well as increasing our commitment to high quality outdoor play for all children in all weather. We are working to eliminate clothing as a barrier to outdoor play. We have some funding to order quality clothing and gear to support children’s outdoor explorations including mud suits and waterproof mittens. A large portion of this funding was the surplus money from the clothing allowance for the Compass store gifted to staff at the holidays. It is great to know that any unused funds are being put back into our program in support of enriching play experiences. 
We also invite staff to please sign up for the Outdoor PD series to learn more about risky play, the role of the educator and outdoor provocations. 
Please spread the word that as a not for profit organization, Compass has a charitable portal where donations can be made directly to impact all three Initiatives/Programs. Charitable tax receipts are provided automatically upon making a donation.