June 2, 2022 is the Ontario Provincial Election. For details go to: https://www.elections.on.ca/en.html

Vote for Child Care this election!

Take digital action today, then on June 2 be sure to vote for a party that aligns with your beliefs, including those on child care!

Where Do Parties Stand on Early Learning & Child Care?

The Child Care Action Network in Peterborough sent out requests for interviews of the 4 main political candidates in Peterborough-Kawartha. See a summary of the 4 parties perspective on child care, then watch interviews with Jen Deck, NDP and Robert Gibson, Green Party, below.

Interviews with Candidates from Peterborough-Kawartha

Interview with Jen Deck, NDP

Interview with Robert Gibson, Green Party

Greg Dempsey (Liberal) & Dave Smith (incumbent, PC) were not available for an interview.