Home Child Care & CWELCC

Compass ELC has recently received the application to opt in to the Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) system and the guidelines for 2022. We are actively reviewing all information and have included some documents summarizing what we know so far, below.

Please find:

A copy of the funding guidelines

Information we would need to collect from anyone that has provider-registered children (Compass ELC can support with gathering it for agency registered children).

Frequently asked questions

Funding Guidelines

We know that this still isn’t the system that children, families and educators deserve but we are hopeful it is a step in the right direction and we will be able to have some influence over future guidelines and advocate for further improvements such as increased compensation and benefits for those working in the early learning and care sector.

We are being asked to share our intent to opt in or out of the system by the end of July so are actively reviewing all information, and considering feedback from members of our organization and parents so welcome any comments, questions or curiosities. At this point it is our intention to opt in but we will meet with our Board of Directors in late July to consider all of the information that we have gathered and make a final decision.

Thanks for continuing to partner with us in your early learning and care journey and please know we are here to support you as we all work together to navigate this change.

If you still have questions please reach out and we can either plan an in-person Q&A session or talk to you about your specific circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions for HCC Providers

Can I opt out of CWELCC and continue with Compass?

Unfortunately, at this time it’s a full opt in or opt out model. If the agency opts in, all HCC providers with that agency would also need to opt in if they would like to stay with that agency.  As we understand right now, the majority of providers are in support of CWELCC and Compass is leaning towards opting in at this point (see question 10 below). If there are questions or anything we can do as an agency to support you in this transition please let us know. We believe there is still a lot more work to do in order to have the system that everyone deserves and we will be advocating for those improvements and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback as well.

Will I make less money signing on with this program?

No, for 2022 the main intent is for the funding to cover 25% (and then a 50% reduction come January 1, 2023) of the parent rate, so that the parents are paying less and the rate is being subsidized by government funding similar to how subsidy works now for families that qualify but Home child care providers would still be receiving the same amount. We know that all those in the early learning and care sector deserve to be valued and compensated for the important work they do, and we have been and will continue to advocate for funding to support improved compensation and benefits and are hopeful that there will be funding to support this in future years.

Will I be able to continue with keeping my provider registered families and the fees I charge to them?

Yes, both provider registered and Compass registered children are all still part of the licensed system and therefore eligible for the CWELCC funding. Funding will be determined based on the fees being charged. See question 4 for further information regarding what we know about fee increases.

How will fee increases work moving ahead?

During the application for 2022, a fee increased can be requested for the period from September 1 – December 31. Fee increases will be assessed for reasonability so we ask that you share a brief overview about the reason for your increase. If you have not increased your rates yet for 2022, we encourage you to consider this. Moving ahead fee increases will be looked at annually, likely for January 1st start date for the calendar year so you will also have the opportunity to consider a fee increase for 2023 and each year thereafter as well. Fee increases will be funded through the municipal funding so parents will still only pay 75% of the rate being charged to them as of March 27, 2022. I.e. If your rate was $40, parents will receive a rebate of $10 and will pay $30 (75% moving forward) as the other $10 will be funded by the municipality. If you request an increase of $1 and it is approved, the municipality will then start funding $11 to cover the 25% and the fee increase so parents continue to pay 75% of the rate that was in place March 27, 2022. Note that CWELCC funding applies for 0-5- and 6-year old’s who’s birthday was on or before June 30th in the given calendar year. Schoolage fees for children that turned 6 after June 30th and older can be changed at anytime without consultation as they are not subject to the CWELCC guidelines.

Can provider registered families register with Compass now? 

Yes, however the rebate will be based on what the parent paid for the period from April to August which may be different from Compass rates. When the family becomes Compass registered and is being charged compass rates, those will then be the applicable rates be subsidized by CWELCC funding.

What records do I have to maintain?

The records you maintain for licensing and income tax purposes should suffice for CWELCC as well. A sample of invoices, receipts and proof of payment that aligns with the rates included in your application maybe requested. Please maintain records for the same period you would for income tax purposes (i.e. 7 years). You can continue maintaining records as you do now and while using Sandbox is an option available to you it is not a requirement for CWELCC.

What is the timeline for the application and rebates?

The application is due July 31, 2022 however if an extension is needed we have until the end of August to share our intent to opt in. We anticipate receiving the funds to provide the rebate to parents’ early fall for April to August, and then the intention is to only be charging families 75% and the remaining 25% will be flowed to you via our ADP payroll system from the municipality (similar to the process for Wage Enhancement funding). We anticipate a further reduction to 50% for families beginning January 1, 2023, and have still yet to receive guidelines for 2023 and future years but will keep you posted as soon as we know more.
Note: The City of Peterborough will be receiving and therefore disbursing all of our Home Child Care CWELCC funding, regardless of the region. This is because the Ministry of Education has flowed the grant based on the location of the main administration office which for Compass HCC is located in Peterborough.

How are rebates determined and what does a $10 a day average mean?

Rebates are determined based on 25% of the amount the parent (agency and provider placed) paid until $12.00 a day is reached (with the exception of subsidized families which will receive 25% of their parent rate regardless of whether it is lower than $12.00). In example, if a nursery rate of $15.00 is charged, a 75% of that rate would fall below the $12.00 threshold as it equates to $11.25. Therefore, instead of a rebate of $3.75 that parent would receive a rebate of $3.00 and no further reduction as the rebate increases in the future. An average of $10 a day child care has been referenced in the media and we now understand that the average of $10 will be achieved by full fee-paying families getting a reduction down to $12.00 a day and then subsidized family rates will be lower thereby averaging out to an average of $10.00 a day.

Are there any implications for amounts that still remain uncollected?

Yes, the funding would cover 25% of those rates and the parent’s balance outstanding would be reduced down to 75% (or the base rate of $12.00 a day).

Does Compass intend to opt in and what if I still have questions?

At this time Compass intends to opt in but is still actively considering all information and advocating for improvements to the guidelines as we move ahead, such as improved compensation for providers and staff. If you have any feedback or still have questions please reach out to your home visitor. A full copy of the guidelines have also been attached as well for additional information. Once we have had our meetings with each of the regions we operate in, we will be sharing all known information with our Board of Directors in order to make a final decision.