Connections with Nature…

The following is a beautiful story written by Norma Curtis the Pedagogical Team Leader for Durham Region.  The story really connects with our beliefs about children, the importance of nature and the deep respect our educators hold to listening carefully and valuing children’s ideas.

Connections with nature…

Since April the children in the After School Program at Harold Longworth, have been exploring a green space they call “the forest”. This magical space was discovered quite by accident while waiting for the school bus to arrive one morning. Over the past few months this area has captivated all of the children. During June,  Kaleb offered educator Lindsay Brands an opening into his thinking about the space.. “Come here Lindsay, come and see this”. He had her stand where he was standing and proclaimed, “It feels like we are about to go into OZ”. Both stood there for a moment and then he ran off further into the field. Lindsay has since wondered with Kaleb about this moment, sharing back the photo.

The picture below is his representation of that experience. As he drew he offered, “It is so beautiful, the trees in the background remind me of the emerald polls of OZ. I want to make this picture perfect because the forest is perfect”

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How truly fortunate we feel that Kaleb has articulated to us his full out inspiration of this green space. Could this be how many of the other children feel? What does this say about the culture that educators Lindsay and Kirsty nurture within the group? For a child to articulate this soulful connection through his own eyes is truly inspirational. We look forward to gathering and studying more about the children’s connections to this space.

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