From Caterpillar to Butterfly – Preschoolers Experiencing The Magical Metamorphosis

Apsley Butterflies1 (2)

Our families at Compass Early Learning and Care are so generous and engaging. At the beginning of June, the Connolly family donated some butterfly larva (baby caterpillars) to our Apsley Program.

For a week, we watched them grow and create their chrysalises. The children watched as each day passed, waiting for the butterflies to emerge from their chrysalises. As they waited and wondered about what the butterflies would look like, they made predictions. They drew images of their thoughts.

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Apsley Butterflies3aThe day that the first butterfly emerged finally arrived, and the children were very excited. They watched it and acted out what they were seeing. They waved their arms like fluttering wings. When the children were outside they searched for caterpillars and butterflies, finding lots of caterpillars climbing trees. They even tried to be like the caterpillars climbing the trees.

As days passed by and more butterflies emerged, it was getting close to the time to release them outside. When the release date arrived, the children had many questions.

“Where will they go?”

“Are they going to find their mommies and daddies?”

Listening carefully to children’s questions helps us to understand children’s thoughts and theories as they figure out the world around them. These questions help us to see that children have empathy and concern. ‘Family’ and ‘home’ are important themes that children pay attention to, even for butterflies.

We took the butterflies outside where we set them free and observed them as they explored their new world.

We are very thankful to the Connolly family for their donation; this was a great experience for the entire program.

Apsley Butterfly Collage

Jessica Bertucca RECE, Preschool Educator, Compass ELC Apsley Program
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