At Compass, we say we don’t just have a job, and that the work we do every day is not just a career, but it is a calling. Working with young children is one of the most soul nurturing professions to be in. Every day we get to learn alongside brilliant minds, researching, experimenting and creating. The field of Early Childhood Education is a relatively new field and we are maturing. One of the important aspects of this maturation is recognition of ECE credentials – an ECE diploma.

For many, leaving a paying job to pursue an ECE diploma has not been an option. Others cannot seem to find the time and feel it would take too long to complete the diploma courses. Compass Early Learning and Care is partnering with Fleming College to provide an opportunity that will make it easier for our educators to get their Early Childhood Education diploma in a way that will better fit with your needs and lifestyle. We are excited to have this accelerated ECE diploma program in which many of you will be able to get their ECE in less than three years. The program will be delivered part-time, and course content will be shared asynchronously. Through a Prior Learning Assessment process, the learning and experience you have gained from your work in early learning and care may be recognized, reducing the number of courses you will have to take. More details can be found here. As part of this program there will also be a collaborative network to help you along your journey.

The recent Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care wage incentive is only for RECEs. That means that by 2026, the wage differential between RECEs and non ECEs could be $6 per hour at Compass. This is an intentional strategy to create an incentive to have more Early Childhood Educators. We support this strategy. We are in great need for more Early Childhood Educators so that we can continue to meet our licensing requirements. You have been hired at Compass Early Learning and Care because we know that you have the disposition and potential to be an early childhood educator. Why not take this next important step?

There are grants available to cover your tuition, textbooks, placement hours, travel, and more. Funding details and the very simple application can be found here:

If you would like to learn more, click here for details about the ECE pilot project with Fleming College or contact Tanya Pye, Program Coordinator.