An Adventure in Downtown Lindsay

Earlier this summer, we took our Kindergarten group on a walking trip to downtown Lindsay. Our plan was to visit Victoria Park for a picnic and then head across the street to the Library where they were offering a free animal experience for the community.

Our walk brought us a vibrant conversation as we passed fields of flowers, construction workers, parks and many mailboxes. As we approached the park the children’s excitement for our community grew, “There is my town!” they cheered.

IMG_0016The day was filled with explorations and discoveries of statues, monuments and the beauty of our park. Through photography we captured the children’s findings and are planning on offering them back.

Having visited Victoria Park many times it was enlightening to venture into the community with the children and discover characteristics of our town through their eyes.  As we grew our sense of community, the joy brought by our presence was seen in the onlookers resting on the park bench.

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