A Peek Inside a Fairy House

A valued family project that continues to capture our hearts.

Families are invited to engage with their children to build a Fairy house. These creations began with an idea to enhance the children’s joy of collecting nature treasures in the outdoors. Today, they have developed into a beautiful display representative of the diverse, caring and creative families that make up our program and our value of natural materials. These homemade designs have enhanced our outdoor space and infused a magical element to our front gardens. As the colder and wet weather moves in, so do our Fairy Houses. Each fall and winter they help us to preserve our focus of the environment by adding a touch of nature to the stairwell ledge. Each house has its own story of family members and their children working together and some of these stories are also displayed through pictures and words. It is touching to be in this stairwell or out in the front garden with the children and their families, and to feel their sense of belonging as they reconnect with their houses and share their experiences.


Creating Your Own Fairy House:

We invite each family to work with their child to collect natural treasures from their environment and then to use them to create a fairy house.

We encourage families to take a few photographs of this experience to share.  We will want to hear all about your collections and the creation of your house.

Place your finished fairy house in the garden or other natural landscape.

Please choose a wooden house, or create your own, along with and a few natural treasures. Take your time and try to remember the value is in the process not the product. 

Enjoy the process and thank you for contributing to our culture.

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