School Age Programs

Location: City and County of Peterborough
Ages: 3.8 to 12 years

Compass Early Learning and Care School Age Programs offer care before and after school hours as well as during school breaks and summer holidays. Our programs are located within schools and offer care for children from 3.8 to 12 years of age.

Our programs are built on our strong belief that learning happens in relationships. We believe that children deserve opportunities to engage in rich learning experiences that connect with their ideas and curiosities about the world around them. We work side by side with families and our communities to develop a strong sense of identity in each of our unique locations. We understand the complexities of families today and strive to offer a program that meets the needs of all children and families.

School Age Programs in Peterborough & Surrounding Area

Our School Age Programs are inspired and shaped by children’s curiosity and interests. They offer a variety of enriching, age-appropriate experiences that include:

  • Positive social skills and relationship building
  • Nature explorations and community awareness projects
  • Indoor and outdoor co-operative games
  • Individual and collaborative project work
  • Spending time together collaborating, exploring and investigating all the wonders that a child can imagine

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Relationships are central to all we do and are the most important aspect of the school age experience. It is essential that children share and build on positive social interactions with others. We use every moment of the time we spend with your child to encourage and support relationships and have helped to foster many long-lasting friendships.

Nature Exploration

The school age children will have many opportunities to explore the world around them. Nature will play a role in all aspects of the curriculum with a focus on bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out.

Indoor/Outdoor Games

Learning about others and ourselves in a fun, cooperative environment builds positive social skills and self esteem. Children are encouraged to share their skills and interests with one another.


Through project work, children are able to use their skills, ideas and understandings to collaborate and problem-solve toward common goals.


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