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Information for Parents

At Compass Early Learning and Care your child will spend each day in an engaging environment carefully planned by our qualified educators. Through inspiring learning experiences, our playrooms are designed to encourage:

  • Literacy
  • Scientific discovery
  • Creative art experiences
  • Sensory exploration
  • Mathematical concepts
  • Physical competence
  • Positive social relationships

Through observing and engaging with each child, our educators create an environment that builds on your child’s knowledge of the world.

Supporting children’s interests and curiosity

Our team of nurturing and caring Early Childhood Educators believe that supporting children’s interests
and curiosity will further inspire the learning process. Through observing, documenting and engaging
with children, the staff plan curriculum that is both meaningful and rewarding.

Ongoing learning for educators and staff

Compass Early Learning and Care has a strong commitment to professional learning and offers many opportunities for staff to come together to explore ideas, reflect and share experiences from the classroom, and study together the most current research in early learning and care.

We offer our staff ongoing learning opportunities that include:

  • On-site mentorship
  • In-depth reflective practice certificate programs
  • Participation in external professional development across the province and beyond

These opportunities and experiences allow our staff and educators to deepen their thinking and understanding of child-centred emergent curriculum.

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