Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles


Relationships are the foundation of all that we do. Through collaboration and reflection we build respectful, authentic relationships with our colleagues, children, families and community. We recognize the value of families in early learning, and hold a high image of the child and a deep respect for childhood.


We value the joy and happiness that a sense of wellbeing brings to each of us. We understand the importance of nourishing our hearts, minds and bodies. Together we provide an environment that fosters and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Learning and Development

We recognize the value of lifelong learning. We believe that adults and children deserve ongoing opportunities, resources and time for reflection so that they may be emotionally and intellectually engaged in learning together.

Citizenship and Community

We promote and value a sense of personal integrity, social responsibility and respect for ourselves and others. The principles of democracy and social justice are practiced throughout our organization.

Administration and Leadership

To create our future requires leaders from all aspects of our organization to work collaboratively for shared success. Through a healthy, vibrant administration we facilitate high performance, viability and sustainability within our teams and community.